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"What if everything you know is not only inaccurate,
but actually carefully-crafted lies.
What if your mind has been filled with untruths –
about yourself, about history, about the world around you –
planted there by powerful forces
to lull you into complacency.
Your freedom is then an illusion.
You are a pawn in a conspiracy
and your role is that of a compliant victim of deceit –
if you are lucky."

Charles Paul Freund
"If History Is A Lie: America's Resort To Conspiracy Thinking"
The Washington Post, January 19, 1992

Will We Wake up?
An interview with Marcel Messing
Based on his book of the same name

I: Welcome to the studio, Marcel Messing. What is it that made you write this book?

MM: The title of the book is Will We Wake [up]?. The www is a clear reference to the Internet. This is not the only subject of the book, however; the book is in fact about the hidden forces that are at work in the wings of the world stage, forces that in essence are out not only to retard the present evolution of mankind but to thwart the leap toward a spiritual evolution. This conviction fuelled a strong motivation on my part to come forward and share the knowledge I have acquired. There was also a strange kind of synchronism in the fact that, upon our leaving for good the mountains of  the Ariege, in the French Pyrenees – my most beloved corner of France – precisely on September 11, 2001, on my way to Bruges (Belgium), my wife and I heard the news of the monstrous attacks that were taking place on New York City and other sites. This news brought a lot of things to the surface, not only in my mind but especially in my heart. Very gradually – as I had been thinking many matters over – I began to see patterns that were making a case for something very different from what is called these days "The War On Terror" or "The War Against Terrorism". Detailed research, questioning contacts, consulting the current literature as well as ancient sources, all awoke a feeling in me that something else is going on here. At this point, a strong impulse stirred in me urging me not to stand on the sidelines in the presence of so much evil, so much suffering, so much sorrow. I have no intention here of  creating some sort of dualism: good on one side, evil on the other. Every good person has a darker side and every so-called evil person contains an element of light. Thus we can never say that the one is good and the other evil. By the same token, you cannot say the one is absolutely good and the other absolutely evil. Be it as it may, the struggle taking place between what I often call Darkness and Light has very ancient roots. All that has impelled me to write about this question, as I feel we are standing on the threshold of the greatest and most exciting stage in the entire evolution of man.

The War On Terror
I: And what is exactly the message you want to convey in your book?

MM: The essence of the message is this: Behind the story that began with 9/11, with everybody focussing on the attacks and on the War On Terror that followed them, there is a whole other scene. It is a network that has been put in place not just to defeat in the shortest possible time an enemy we can put a name to, but it is in fact one set up to intensify an already on-going war against mankind, a war in which parties are being played off against one another, are being polarized, a war in which religions are being misused. Here, I try to apply my background in the study of religion (?) with great care in order to understand how certain religions are being exploited. When you pursue this line of investigation, and you begin to see 9/11 as a shatteringly tragic event around which there remains an incredible number of unanswered questions, when you also begin to realize that the pieces of the puzzle do not add up, then little by little you start to discern the forces behind all this. You begin to see that these are the kind of forces that could, for instance, attempt to wage electronic warfare by enclosing a human being in an electromagnetic cage in which the loss of privacy as well as  freedom will be complete, and this without creating doomsday images or scenarios. It is a fact that there are plans ready for implementation within the next few years, that would make possible implanting chips not only in animals but in human beings as well. This means we are becoming slaves of a certain order, of a certain power game, that is robbing us of our freedom step by step. Just consider the Patriot Act, the anti-terrorism laws, the alarm phases, preventive searches, the biometric passport. Before you fly abroad, you are biometrically screened, you are subjected to iris-scanning, electronic finger-printing, you are scrutinized on all sides by computers, by cameras. This is the game behind it all, a game that employs the War On Terror as a diversion. The main action, the real scenario, is to ensnare humanity and confine it to an electronic cage of radiation, energies and control, if possible along with the epidemics that may kill half of it. Think of the pandemics that threaten us. This is not the vocation of humanity and it is not its destiny. In my heart – and I speak of my heart and not my mind – I am convinced that man is intended for a spiritual purpose, for awakening to and realizing his potential in this phase of his evolution. This is what those counter-forces are trying to check.

I: Yes, what you're telling me sounds like a horror story. It has me wondering why we are not aware of this.

MM: We are not aware of this because this knowledge is being withheld from us. My book lists 480 sources, including notes, quotations, references to websites, books, periodicals, that show very clearly that we are deliberately being kept in the dark. In addition – let me be frank about this and without assuming an accusatory tone – there is very little interest shown by the media and by politicians, and those who bring the matter to the fore are looked at with cynical disbelief, are ridiculed and held up to scorn.

I: It sounds like abysmal ignorance.

MM: Yes, we are dealing here with the deepest level of ignorance. For when you begin to see the greater picture, the larger game, the notion dawns on you that this is a horror story strongly reminiscent of George Orwell's "1984". Fortunately, in various countries there is an increasing number of  individuals and small groups beginning to realize this. Orwell's book may be out of date where it concerns strategy and technology, but the power elite he describes, the new world order, is anything but passé. Today, it is a power elite that is striving to control the planet through highly-advanced technology ranging from the state-of-the-art Cray computers in the Pentagon to nano-technology, about which Professor Jean-Pierre Petit from France, one of the great astrophysicists said: "We have no idea of the extent and the superior quality of  the know-how this elite possesses."

I: Yes, yes! What are the aims of this power elite? Why did this vast game come into existence?

MM: If the power elite had been truly aware that the universe is subject to certain laws of harmony which you will eventually be unable to challenge, it would never have started the game. The arrogant conviction that you can run counter to that harmony of the universe points to profound ignorance. It indicates that behind this arrogance lie lust for power, self deception, obliviousness to reality, all concepts about which the Buddha held discourses. He ceaselessly stressed that all suffering has its roots in striving for power, in gratifying desires, in delusion, illusion, ignorance. It becomes apparent that when you begin to study more intensively what is behind this power elite, your search will lead you to a story that in fact began at ancient Sumer, a city-state situated in present-day Iraq, where – and I will put this plainly – a final battle involving Afghanistan and numerous countries is in progress, and into which the entire world is being drawn. We are starting to hear many questioning the course of events, as they sense these events are taking a turn that was not originally intended. So Iraq, the "home" of Sumer, where the Tigris and the Euphrates still echo the story of Genesis, plays an essential role. The most ancient data on human activity has been gathered on this spot. The power elite is trying to take even this information away from us. I am referring to the bombing of the Baghdad Museum, in the early days of the war, during and after which the entire collection of Sumerian clay tablets, as well as that of pots, vessels, vials, and jars, was hastily removed. The U.S. Secretary of  Defense called it bringing it to safety. There was great astonishment at this discovery on the part of a senior Defense Department official: "I didn't know they had such a lot of pottery". Well, this "pottery", and those clay tablets in particular, contain more information than the creation account of Genesis. They are even older than the material preserved by (American) Indian tribes

Sumerian Clay Tablets & Fallen Guardians
MM: the story we will now turn to is one made up of many layers. If it is already hard enough to see 9/11 in a light other than that which the media has presented, other than that determined by the political leadership – where enormous change is now taking place – then you can imagine, when going a step further and as you become aware of the underlying blueprint, that this will create a multitude of obstacles and raise a great number of problems. If you realize that there is yet another story behind all this, you can safely assume half the press corps is going to report: "There really is a conspiracy". Well, you can treat this as ludicrous if you will; for my part I believe I have carried out very serious and conscientious research, having learned throughout the process that you first must listen to those who have thoroughly investigated their subject, if you want to know just how many of their assertions check out. I have indeed done this, consulting many scholars, a great number of researchers, numerous books and a multitude of sources. Whether you mention the clay tablets – we just did so in connection with Sumer, and now we refer in passing (we will go into detail later) to the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, a subject of controversy. (Some say they are not of Essene provenance and here begins the quarrel.) – or whether you mention the Hermetic writings, you already have three sources finding common ground in the essence of what we are experiencing in this day and age.
In the first place the Sumerian clay tablets contain a wondrous story entitled, "Enuma Elish", which literally means "The Ones From Above". It deals with gods, not God, but gods who are mentioned only in apocryphal literature (from the Greek: "apokruphos", hidden away). Those are writings that were suppressed by the Church. Such hidden texts often refer to these gods as "Guardians", a word that was subsequently translated as "Angels", specifically "Fallen Angels" - a totally erroneous rendition. They are not "fallen" in the sense of degradation, they have physically descended from a superior level to an inferior one. You could, in a manner of speaking, call it "falling". And so the earthling says "Enuma Elish", i.e., they who come from above. Institutionalized religion, later in the game, declared, "They are fallen". Here I must say emphatically: "No!". To begin with, we have been heavily brainwashed. This does not only provoke laughter but it also elicits cynicism that, in turn, leads to the unwillingness of the mind to probe further. For if you really want to examine something thoroughly and objectively, you cannot fall prey to cynicism, you cannot retreat into laughter. It all originates with our total alienation from our primordial state of being, and it is that of "Children Of The Stars". That our planet is part of a vast constellation was already known to a Kepler, a Galileo and all the astronomers of old, to a Bruno as Hermetic philosopher, and in our day to a Hawking as theoretical physicist who – albeit via totally different lines of enquiry – is also coming to the conclusion that the universe is an animated organism. In the past, planets were considered to have a soul, every planet was thought to be capable of containing living beings. Even Giordano Bruno, the great Hermetic astronomer and philosopher affirmed it. This notion has been systematically subverted by an excessive rationalism, whereby "Enlightenment" – not of the kind that informs a Buddha, but one in which reason is identified with illumination – was advocated and taught. Within religious groupings in particular, this form of enlightenment strongly influenced the (inculcated) belief that angels are winged creatures (in my lighter moments, I am fond of raising the objection that those fragile wings would never make it through all those layers of the atmosphere on their way down to earth), and that devils and Luciferian Angels are part of  that world. But we have forgotten the fact that the Sumerian clay tablets refer not to the "Fallen Angels" but to "Fallen Guardians" coming from a from a planet they name, literally, "Nibiru". Likewise, we have ignored the writings of the eminent Jewish scholar, Zechariah Sitchin, who in his book The Twelfth Planet (the "Twelfth Planet" is actually the tenth planet named "X", represented by the letter X., i.e., the great unknown), elucidates the old concept of the universe in a manner I find truly convincing, in fact so convincing that I would say to all those disparagers: "Read the works first and then criticize". Nowadays my first question always is, "Are you familiar with the sources? If not, there is no point in a dialogue." In much of his work, Sitchin demonstrates that there have, in fact, always been contacts with other stars and planets. He cites Nibiru by name; Nibiru is explicitly discussed in the clay tablets. These speak of "Guardians", two-hundred in number, who have a plan for effectuating a landing on Mount Hermon (on the Lebanon-Syria border) – yes, a landing. Here we are treating of a spatial dimension, i.e., how do they, the "Enuma Elish", get from "above" to "below"? Via a landing. At the time of their arrival on Earth,  mankind finds itself in a phase of spiritual evolution, moving toward the Homo Sapiens state – if you want to look at it from an anthropological angle. I might add that, within anthropological circles, a lot of questions are being raised as to exactly how the mutation from the so-called ape-like state to that of hominid took place. This may not be an actual theme, but on the basis of the Sumerian clay tablets we could present solid evidence that the evolution theory is no longer valid where it concerns that particular issue. The Sumerian clay tablets show that human evolution has been interfered with. And quite radically. You can even read here that human DNA has been tampered with, that ovum and sperm cells were manipulated.

I: Who are these parties responsible for this?

MM: These parties are called by name in the texts. They are the Annunaki. Annunaki literally means "Those Who Came Down From Above".

I: How should I picture these Annunaki? Were they human-like creatures or extraterrestrials?

MM: Yes, they are literally extraterrestrials. You no doubt are aware that where it concerns this topic, a lot of nonsense is being peddled on one hand but on the other a lot of serious and comprehensive research is going on. In this connection, former president Jimmy Carter declared openly: "Look, I may not talk about this anymore, but as far as I'm concerned they exist." – "they" being extraterrestrials.
Genesis refers to them as the "Sons of the Elohim", not of God but of the gods. Genesis clearly indicates that they descended to Earth and that they bred with the women of the human race, producing a new species. Genesis, however, exhibits certain gaps; certain links are missing in the chain of events. These can easily be retrieved in the Sumerian clay tablets, that set out in detail how hybridization took place. You even find pictures of vials in which embryonic development could have been triggered. You can even read about methods of uterine implantation, about the process – intelligibly described - of joining ovum and sperm outside the uterus and re-implanting the resulting embryo into "surrogate-mother goddesses".

I: Very modern techniques, so to see.

MM: It's all there. However, as soon as we fall victim to brainwashing techniques – we are in a situation eagerly seized upon by the academic establishment who would make us believe that man, the "earthling", is the be all and end all of knowledge. It is a notion attesting to great intellectual impoverishment, and one about which the great philosopher and astronomer Giordano Bruno said: "I cannot conceive that, among the myriad stars of the galaxy, we would be the only creatures in possession of the gift of knowledge and the only creatures in existence."
Here begins the point at issue: that we must open ourselves up to the significance of the words Shakespeare so aptly put into Hamlet's mouth: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy." We must dare to abandon the arrogant assumption that our species is unique in the universe and that our knowledge is of the highest order. The Sumerian clay tablets indicate that considerably more knowledge as well as high erudition were around. Incidentally, the question of who built Ba'albek has never been answered, neither has that of who actually erected the pyramids. A number of classic assumptions of Egyptology could then be refuted, but this idea has never been popularized; there is too much expertise, prestige, ambition, power, status, at stake. If I might put it this way, we, human beings, have been lured into a knowledge trap. Perhaps nobody has expressed this situation better than Goethe – who had been initiated into certain arcana – in his masterpiece Faust, in which he holds up to us the conceit of the questing scholar who, incapable of finding the knowledge he seeks, calls on the Devil, Mephistopheles, to help him achieve his single-minded goal. To get what he wants, Dr. Faust must sign a contract in his own blood. So good as nobody knows what the terms of this contract were. A pact with the Devil demands blood. This theme can be traced back to the Sumerian clay tablets. In essence, these say: if you wish to gain access to a certain kind of knowledge, i.e., of the forbidden kind, the "Fallen Guardians" first bestow on you proficiency in the martial arts, the gift of thaumaturgy, and access to the occult sciences. The second provision the tablets describe as essential is the institution of a monarchical system on Earth. So if you want to check out the genealogy of royal houses and seek answers to why they are so influential, why they have so much power, why kings are addressed as "Highness" – i.e., "high-ness", "Enuma Elish" or "The Ones From Above" – why the pronoun "We" is used by them, why they are surrounded by rituals, why they are all wealthy, why they own golden coaches and palaces, why they exercise so much influence on governments, then you will realize that a study of royal blood lines is essential to understanding this phenomenon. I will remark in passing that, of the forty-three presidents of the United States, thirty-four have royal blood in their veins. Peruse "Burke's Peerage", a British register in which all royal lineages can be found. Their power rests on the special genetic code locked within the DNA of kings. This is what the Sumerian clay tablets are referring to.

I: How old are these tablets exactly?

MM: Estimates as to their age vary between 3000 and 5000 BCE; they may be older. There are even scholars adventurous enough to put forward the proposition that the lore describes events pre-dating Atlantis, which Plato discussed in his Dialogues, namely in Critias and Timaeus. The knowledge reaches very far back. If you read the clay tablets, you will see references to "Fallen Guardians".
Let us now move on to a second source: the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenes, which we mentioned earlier. They speak of a final contest being fought out at the end of time between the sons – and the daughters – of light on one side and those of darkness on the other. And who is named therein? The "Fallen Guardians". They are portrayed as demons, angels who fell short of their goal, powerful beings who had grafted themselves onto the evolutionary process of the human race.

I: And here you mean genetical grafting as well?

MM: Genetical grafting as well. This means that, when Genesis and later works speak of the extermination of the giants – a degenerating race formerly endowed with physical strength and vast knowledge but actually threatening to destroy evolutionary progress – they are implying outside interference. Read the stories contained in the Bible – "Bible" simply means "bibloi" or books, i.e., ancient books. However, no longer read them as allegorical tales couched in imagery but as meticulous pieces of reportage of events taking place before the Flood, preceding the Patriarchs, occurring prior and subsequent to the rise and fall of Atlantis. You will find specific knowledge in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and you will find this same knowledge in Hermetic sources. In my book I have quoted a text. It is an exchange between Hermes Trismegistos, actually the Greek name for the Egyptian initiate Tethuthi (?), and Asclepius. In it Hermes Trismegistos speaks of "Fallen Guardians", or the demons who will generate chaos at the end of the evolutionary process. Hermes Trismegistos urges mankind to wake up to this peril.
This brings to my mind a Zulu leader, Credo Mutwa, whose fine literary works, such as The Song Of The Stars, are fortunately reaching a wider audience. Credo Mutwa declared recently: "Mankind today must have complete access to knowledge that in the past had been the exclusive preserve of initiates, namely that the Chitauri are the "Fallen Guardians" who have grafted their species onto the evolutionary process and who, at this very moment, want to take over Planet Earth, if need be by exterminating half the human race, if necessary by utilizing tactics and technologies unheard of by the public at large."

Ancient Knowledge For These Times
MM: Now we come to the question: what is going on on Earth? I have always had a warm feeling toward the Indians of the American continent. I am not thinking only of the Maya, who have the oldest calendar, I'm also thinking of the Hopi with whom I have had fairly extensive contacts. Whether you consult the Hopi or the Iroquois, or the Seneca and especially the Maya, they all are of one mind. A widely-travelled colleague of mine, Carlos Barrio, who has been initiated into the Eagle Tribe, said to me, "I'll be blunt. I'm not going to play games with you: we now have three or four years to take this revolution forward, toward Light and Insight; if we fail, we forfeit our planet." The Maya held several assemblies, so did the Hopi, as I describe in my book. The tribal elders, men of a high degree of initiation, men of great wisdom, so often ridiculed by the white man even in his literature, these wise red brothers are all warning us. These sages foresee that we and our Planet Earth will, in the coming years, go through a full-scale cleansing. This cleansing process will be chaotic, at times painful, but, commensurately with our thoughts, words and actions, we will emerge purified. Think of the Hopi, who see our age as one living under the sign of the Big Bear. There is an illustration in my book of  a bear's paw tracing lines that show a strong resemblance to the bar code. (This, of course, should not be taken too literally.) The Hopi say that as soon as these bars, "The Sign of the Bear", become manifest it will signal the beginning of World War III. Perhaps we can come back on this later to see what it all means for the chip. The Indians, the ancient nations, the Tibetans whom I met over the years both in the world and in their monasteries, all know about this age as do communities with a Christian background.
When you begin to look upon the Apocalypse as a Book of  Initiation and not as the sectarian tract appropriated by some to declare, "You are free, and you shall not be so". This is not what I mean. I mean the Apocalypse is a Book of Initiation containing an incredible amount of knowledge that parallels ancient Indian (Hindu) learning. This Indian influence can be traced back to the Puranas, or "Ancient Lore" in Sanskrit. You can place certain passages of the Apocalypse and the Puranas side by side and compare them. It has even been said that John was influenced in part by the ancient Indian initiation lore, during his stay at Patmos. What you see written in these works fits our time completely: the Planet is in the throes of parturition. Wars, natural disaster such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and solar eruptions will increase in number and in violence. All this is known to astrophysicists. In brief, there will be great turmoil at the end of a cycle says John. A great teacher like Jesus warns: at the end of a cycle - the Greek translation of the New Testament uses the word "aeon" -  you will observe all those signs. He then adds that people will go on marrying, dancing and courting, but the flood will come just the same. Well, you can collate all these visions, beliefs of religious groups, the insights of the Indians, of the Puranas, as well as the words of Jesus. You can add quotations from John Perkins – to name a contemporary source – contained in a book of his that became a best seller, with millions of copies sold the world over. This man was part of the innermost circles of power, he is familiar with the inner workings of large corporations, has seen how sovereign states are being undermined, knows exactly how we obtain our wealth over the backs of people living in poor societies. "If we do not wake up in a hurry," he declares, and I cite him almost verbatim, "it will be too late." Nevertheless he adds: "We can do it!" Elsewhere in his book he writes that whenever he comes into contact with the Maya or the Aboriginals, or any other ancient peoples, he is struck by the fact that they all have a notion of a great planetary revolution mankind will have to face. And then? Like we have summer, fall, winter and spring, so the Planet has a cycle. That was affirmed by the ancient sages. Pythagoras had stated it: "All is numbers.", everything has a measurement and a number. We are now coming to the period of winter, this is called the Age of Iron or Kaliyuga. You cannot say this is a minor transition. In New Age circles you often hear it is. This is the Age of Aquarius in which we all become free: you can dance your cares away, all will be resolved for us, you don't have to do anything yourself. No, this is a far more rigorous and momentous transition. The sun and its planets are passing through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. We are now in Aquarius, usually lasting 25,920 years, whereby each passage through zodiacal force fields lasts 2160 years. However, we are now going through a much greater transition which is called by the Indians (Hindus) "Mahayuga", sometimes "Kalpa", which implies a fundamental revolution, one that absolutely everyone will be aware of. To what end? To raise us to a higher spiritual level, to bring about change in Earth's position, to place it in another order of vibrations, wherein the evolution of mankind, that is losing its biological momentum, can bring man into awareness, to reflection, where man is able to develop his true qualities, i.e., those of compassion, love, uprightness, friendship, selflessness, cooperativeness – qualities which will be tested. This revolution will enable man to make this leap. The Fallen Guardians of this planet, widely ridiculed figures save by the sages as can be read in ancient writings, are busy setting up a planetary event under the cover of, for example, The War On Terror. They are planning to fill our consciousness with other things than love and integrity in order to carry out their design unobstructed, which is to invade our bodies and our minds by means of  the electromagnetic cage. The Capstone (yes, capitalized) of their magnum opus – they like to work with pyramidal models – which must be in place within three years, is the covert word for the chip they want to implant in human bodies through which your endocrinal system will be connected to the GPS and Cray computers that will be installed everywhere. You will thus become a complete slave. This is the underlying plan. Unfortunately, very few are prepared to take it seriously.

I: And what is the purpose of becoming a slave, and to whom?

MM: To human beings once subjected to painful circumstances, for whom, as I learned from the Buddhists, you could feel some compassion, human beings who out of craving for power see others as objects to be exploited, who do not hesitate to use warfare and let people die often horrible deaths in order to achieve their ends. When you analyze all wars, then you realize that history is riddled with lies, that man may be far more innocent (naïve?) than we think, and that man is being manipulated in an unimaginable way. Pretexts for wars are created, new Pearl Harbors are staged to give the wire pullers behind the scene the chance to seize power and hold on to it. Worst of all in my estimation is the assault on the phenomenon man, on the animal and vegetal kingdoms that have also suffered much. This is the worst thing you can do and you should under no circumstances do it. Never. Man has a purpose – a concept that is missing in our educational system. It is tragic enough that so many models of evolutionary materialism deny that the individual has a purpose. Propounders of this concept say an individual must belong to a particular association, congregation or lodge to be of any value. This is totally false. Your own thought process, your own experience will demonstrate that the individual has a purpose. Those who do not want to see others attain a  plane of development higher than their own will do anything in their power to thwart such a  development.
This brings us essentially back to the stories contained in all ancient literature, whether it be a story from Iran, formerly Persia, in which Ormazd and Ahriman fought each other, or the account of St. Augustine's City of God grappling with the Fallen Guardians, or the Puranas and the Gita (which is derived from the Ancient Writings), they all relate the continuing struggle between Light and Darkness. In the Gita, you will find the struggle between the Pandaras and the Kauravas, a struggle that will end only when all has been transformed. Take a story from the Bible relating to Lucifer – I do not belong to any church or denomination, but I find the Bible contains unimaginably profound wisdom. He is sometimes called a Seraph, sometimes a Cherub. Cherubim and Seraphim are highly developed beings, of a kind beyond our imagination. These beings are able to create planets, something unthinkable for ordinary humans. According to ancient sources, they have tremendous responsibilities and enjoy the freedom and the love to carry out their creation tasks in this same freedom and love in which they were created. But within freedom there is also the possibility to choose another path, to grasp power, to take another evolutionary road. The Hopi illustrate this so well in an allegory about how a certain category of Star Beings lose their heads and fall into the ravine the same way certain transcendent beings lost theirs. The Love-Energy has mutated into an image now reflected in our churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. I have nothing against this when it is an expression of man's sincere profession of his faith. However, this Love-Energy is impersonal, ubiquitous, active everywhere, and without this Love-Energy so real to the mystic, without some experience of enlightenment, one cannot exist. So if a Star Being nurturing a grand design desires to break away from that Love-Energy to go its own way, and wants to impose its own will on the Love-Energy, it can keep this up for a while but disaster will eventually follow. Cataclysms.

"Those From Above", A New Light On History
I: Mr. Messing, I would like to come back to the evolution of Earth and to the spiritual evolution of mankind in relation to this. Can you tell me a little more about that?

MM: In the first place, where it concerns Earth, the planet is going through its own development. There are certain things that you cannot change very much. They just happen. When spring breaks out, it is just spring, when it is summer, it is summer. But now there are forces at work that are trying to bring this evolution, that should unfold in a natural way and thus should be capable of completing a leap, to a halt. These forces are trying to stop us from taking a leap into another dimension, a spiritual dimension in which matter no longer would play a primary role. Then the question arises: why is all this being kept from us? Why don't we know anything about it? What is happening to Earth? Why are the Maya talking about the fourth and the fifth dimensions and the Hopi about the Fiery Sun and the Great Water that will strike us, all of which will eventually bring us to a new phase?
I must go back for a while to Sumer, when we talked about the clay tablets. The arrival of the Guardians on this planet, an event not only described in the Apocrypha of Enoch, a book brought to public attention by a certain Bruce, a thirty-third-degree Free Mason (in the Masonic Order, that is a very high level of initiation), reveals a close parallel with the Sumerian clay tablets. As narrated in the clay tablets, it would appear that the Fallen Guardians had gone to Earth in search of a slave. Why? Nibiru, the planet where they came from (described in the clay tablets), was having tremendous problems. It was undergoing great turmoil. To safeguard the atmosphere, gold dust was needed and the gold could be obtained on earth. We might say that Nibiru, much larger than Earth, was a planet on the verge of running amok and, barring positive intervention, was eventually doomed to destruction. At this critical juncture in which Earth finds itself there are already some scientists wondering: to ensure our further development, couldn't we spray fine gold dust into the atmosphere, wouldn't the particles shield us from certain types of radiation? It sounds like the Annunaki right out of the Sumerian clay tablets: the gods, the Guardians to call them by their proper name, were in need of gold, gold to pulverize and send into the atmosphere whereby their planet would be protected for a longer period of time. They also needed the gold for other purposes.

I: May I put in a question, here? It would appear that this Niburu planet is going to pass Earth very closely within a few years?

MM: Yes, and I am sure The (U.S.) Department of Defense, as well as officials in other countries are aware of this, and I am not very happy to note that they have not given it any publicity. I think it is wise to help people find their bearings so that they begin to realize that Nibiru will be coming into the orbit of our solar system in an unforeseeable future, and that  this will have an enormous impact on climate, on magnetic fields, on the electromagnetic sphere just as Nibiru, as stated in the clay tablets, had a tremendous influence on Earth. Very little of this has been made public. Sitchen and a few others have brought it out in the open. If we dwell for a moment on the Nibiru story (some say Nibiru, others Niburu), then you will note that the gods, the Guardians, were looking for a slave, otherwise they would have had to work the mines themselves.

I: For that gold?

MM: For that gold! So the Guardians are ordinary corporeal beings. They are not angels with ethereal bodies. This is what you also read in the Bible. These angels turn out to be  much less ethereal than we are being led to believe. Depending on their place in the hierarchy, they are able to give their material bodies another form; still, they had to work and they did not like this. There followed complaint upon complaint to ever higher gods, begging these gods to let them create a being capable of performing this heavy labor in their place. The angels wanted to create a "lulu". The literal meaning of the word is "hybrid". Well, they began their search for a suitable creature in an area stretching from modern-day Tanzania to the Olduvai Gorge, where not so long ago a major cache of remains was found of skeletons showing the transition from hominid to homo sapiens. So the Annunaki also inhabited that area.

I: Isn't it also called the "Cradle of Mankind"?

MM: Absolutely. Scientists have discovered that this was the site of humanity's leap forward, the great step taken by mankind in consciousness as well as in cognition, in physical appearance, in posture, and so forth. Yes, that is set out in the clay tablets as taking a human-like being, an anthropoid, a creature already similar to a human being, and crossing its ovum with the seed of the gods. As the text continues, the result of this crossing is ultimately implanted into seven carrier goddesses. The text goes on to describe and clearly illustrate test tubes. The process involved is outlined, and an appeal to devise a method whereby this new race could reproduce itself is launched. You will find a parallel in Genesis, in the well-known "tale of the rib" concerning Eve who becomes a woman capable of giving birth, albeit in pain. This was not intended as a punishment; something just went wrong. Evolution could have produced a being capable of giving birth painlessly to another, via the uterus. Well, this is not the moment to go deeper into this, although it is a very interesting topic. Anyway, something went wrong. However, what ultimately did not go awry is that a new being came into existence, one that could create lulus autonomously. When you read in Genesis the passages concerning Paradise, you will see that it was no more than a garden – you can substitute experimental garden - of the gods. Here is clearly stated that the gods had no humans i.e. "shomer", Hebrew for laborer, on hand. This is the literal meaning. There was no workman to keep up that garden. In Sumerian the word was "lulu", slave. This is very well presented in Bram Vermeulen's DVD. At the end of his life, Vermeulen  had begun to discover the extent to which we were being deceived.

I: The DVD's title is "In The Beginning".

MM: "In The Beginning", a beautiful work. The production does leave out certain aspects. Despite this, I miss Bram and would have liked to have met with him just one more time – out of love. He did not mention what the purpose was of the original humans who were misused in the hybridization, for that anthropoid, that human-like being, had been called to attain a high level through gradual evolution - an evolution that is in fact being thwarted. You will find this account in all ancient sources, both written and oral. It concerns a race of giants that sprang forth from cross-breeding the "sons of the gods" with mortal women, and so forth. This means that our original DNA went down the tubes, that our plan for the future was destroyed and that there has in fact been cross-breeding. The meaning of the word Niburu is actually "crossing point", "The Planet of the Crossing", the inhabitants of which were applying "genetic engineering" to DNA.
Well, they certainly created a "lulu". But let us not forget one thing ……

I: ……. then are we this lulu?

MM: That was the intention!

I: That is how it was intended!

MM: Fortunately, we are waking up. A race came into existence, a separate race, a species of slave. You will see that all of human history shows how one group has continuously wanted to exploit another by enslaving its members. See colonials versus black and red peoples. There is something in our blood that incites us to subjugate others. That is not our original raison d'être. We are not by vocation enslavers of other people. Something has happened to us. This is why you read in all those ancient stories of the authentic Creating Power trying to restore harmony to creation and having its efforts constantly thwarted by the "Fallen Guardians". It is depicted as a battle, for it is a battle. We are thus destined for another fate and this is to leap forward, via an evolutionary process, toward a spiritual evolution. Ancient Indian sources, the Puranas, expound on this; you will find references in the Bhagavad-Gita, where Krishna teaches us what our true destiny is one that we shall achieve once we have moved beyond biological evolution. This process has been partially disrupted. That battle has been going on for innumerable years.

I: Does this means that, at this very moment, there are attempts to influence our biological development so that we cannot achieve spiritual …..

MM: Yes there are. Now we come to the most important point, and it is that the heirs of the Annunaki are the world's royal families. Now, I am not going to assert that all crowned heads are totally without merit; that would be a statement that is not only crude but it is not in accordance with the facts. The Sumerian clay tablets tell of a certain royal lineage that attempted repeatedly to form men and women into a slave cast.
As I already told you in the first part of our conversation, about thirty-four presidents of the United States descend from royal bloodlines. Some of them are even related to the British royal family, so there are close – you could say karmic – links, a chain of cause and effect connecting the United States and the England of "Britannia, Rule The Waves". George W. Bush is actually a thirteenth cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. So there are very ancient genetic bonds.
It is sometimes said that there are thirteen main bloodlines. Thirteen is a number often encountered. Buddha and his twelve principal disciples, Christ and his twelve apostles, King Arthur and his twelve knights; in the Middle Ages there was Christian Rozenkreuz and his twelve initiates. The significance of the number thirteen reaches far back in time, and has deep roots that have to do with the field of force of the twelve signs of the Zodiac that, in turn, have an influence on us. Those thirteen – may I call them – contra-families constitute a concatenation of power that is trying to cut short the thirteen-stage evolution of man. We often call thirteen an unlucky number. It is in fact a lucky one. But it is held in check by counter-forces. I am thinking of Himmler who surrounded himself with twelve blackshirt initiates, of Hitler – almost no one knows this – who had his twelve blackshirt  initiates that formed his Thule lodge. Thus counter-forces are being employed to bring the thirteen-stage evolution to a halt. This means that we can transcend the power of the Zodiac, which is twelve-fold. Why? Twelve energies converge on our bodies, our aura has twelve portals. As attested in Apocalypse, there are twelve gates into the city of Jerusalem that stands for our body; we have twelve pairs of nerves in our brain; our body contains so many codes that are set up in multiples of twelve. We must make a leap into the thirteenth stage of our evolution. In the gnosis, this is something called "aeon" (aeion?), a concept that is separate and distinct from time, setting us free from time and space. In the Christian Mysteries, this is called the Christ-Energy from which is derived the concept of Christ as energy in one's self and in one's heart. So through this thirteenth force, which is in fact good fortune, we can also transform our whole body, and free ourselves from the bonds of biological evolution. By the same token, we will also be delivered from the DNA link introduced into our blood by the Fallen Guardians. Well, the heirs of the Annunaki have found this out. They are eminently aware that if man is allowed to develop into a spiritual being of Love, he will rise above the Fallen Guardians.

I: Then the Guardians will have lost their power.

MM: Then they will have lost their power. So what is to be done ? You can use a war on terror as a front behind which you can swiftly carry out your real agenda. It is now 2006. Let us assume – contrary to what our contemporaries often think – the Maya were not deranged, that the other seers were not deranged either, that there is some truth to the advent of this momentous change, and therefore there are only six years that remain for the Guardians to take action..
How can this change be cut short? Take the capstone of their plan, i.e., of the pyramid. The pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye surmounting it is the one you also find on the dollar bill. Put a magnifying glass to it: do you find it pleasant to look at?  That Eye it is the emblem of what you, the potential prey, are going to stop. The capstone of the plan, i.e., of the pyramid will be translated into action. To accomplish this, electronic know-how of the most advanced kind is indispensable. Electronic systems are now so advanced and so complex, they are beyond the average layman's comprehension. So you install electronic systems featuring a mind-boggling array of applications and to top that off, literally, you adopt the capstone floating above the pyramid shown on the dollar bill. This eye, which is also reproduced on logos identifying control systems, is being made part of a very ingenious scheme. I often wonder if the people devising all these things really believe we are no longer able to think for ourselves. Do they suppose we have become stone-blind? The notion that we are dealing with a species of humans that has lost its sense of reality does cross my mind from time to time. The ingenious plan calls for outfitting all products with a chip. By 2008 – legislation pertaining to this is already in place – all goods must be coded in accordance with RFID specifications.. Likewise – can you believe it? - all livestock and the entire pet population must be provided with a chip by that date. It's a done deal. The EU has already decided this behind our backs. Is that still democratic government with everybody being entitled to a voice? No one has been informed of such programs. Then there is the plan whose existence is not widely known. Something of this kind is often worked out by covert coalitions. You usually do not form secret associations when you have nothing to hide. These covert coalitions are going to be instrumental in creating the crowning achievement, the "capstone": the chip that can be implanted in human beings. It is the chip through which these human beings will be transformed into a race of slaves, thus providing their "handlers" with some first-rate servants to carry out their sinister agenda. An area where darkness reigns over light. But here again, I can summon feelings of compassion – although I must admit I do not always succeed in this – and in my better moments I can also make room for love because, in the last analysis, all these acts stem from abysmal ignorance on the part of their agents. The Love-Energy of the Universe cannot be aggressively resisted, ever. In some sense, these forces are working from the Light, so I do not want to assail them; I only want to unmask them, to expose them. These people do not want to fight physical battles, they avoid violence.

I: Who are these parties who are doing this?

MM: The world contains so many fine people who, irrespective of  religion, irrespective of  affiliations, are, as I call it, dedicated to implanting a Sword of Light and Truth, to exposing lies, to champion the cause of Nature and to make us realize that we are facing a decisive and irreversible sea change, and that we must wake up to this! And so, through WWW, the book, I am busy creating a world-wide website dedicated to "Will We Wake [Up]?"
Do not get trapped in the world-wide web of an electromagnetic cage, notwithstanding the positive aspects of this invention. Nothing is good or evil in itself. Nevertheless, "Wake Up" is the essence of what I want to say. We do not have many years left. In this context, my thoughts turn to the astronomer Andreas von Retyi from Hungary, I think of Credo Mutwa with tears in his eyes, of David Icke, of Dr. Andreas von Bulow of Germany, the former Federal Minister for Development, who was among the first to raise the alarm over what is going on behind the scenes. In this connection, I also think of David Griffin, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion. There are now numerous philosophers and theologians who are bringing this issue to the fore, because they are more often than not familiar with the carefully concealed background of this mega-game. And all this leads me to the observation that: these are scholars who are warning us repeatedly, are people who have thought things through and through, who have perceptive minds, and who neither act out of self-interest nor are motivated by inordinate ambition. One of them is John Perkins, a man who has been at the center of power and who warns that we may have only a few years' time left to set things straight. But, we can do it, we can set things straight. I would have kept silent if this were not so.

I: Wake up?

MM: Yes, wake up!
I: Wake up to the dark force that is trying to stop us again and again from ….

MM: From taking that leap.

MM: This leap can be taken, this leap to realizing our potential. You need to understand a message of Christ, a Gospel of Thomas, a text from Nag Hammadi to see that the kingdom is present in the NOW. Take a logion 77: Dost thou not know that thou art Light within Light? Now shift to Professor John Pople, a 1998 Nobel chemistry laureate. He says every cell in our body is potential light, a dance of light, only we have been dragged down into the dust by planetary evolution. Now we are facing a gigantic leap to transform this material body. This will be regarded by many as a fairy tale, but fairy tales are meant to come true. It will be a leap by which we can transform this material body, that has had its day, into a body of Light. We come from the Light; it is our origin, it is the world from which we sprang. There will be no Fallen Guardians to thwart mankind in its love. Take away man's material body, you will be taking away his flesh, but no more. Love is unstoppable.

The New World Order
MM: In my book, I call it dehumanization, that is the process of causing man to cease being human. Let me start with an example from George Orwell's "1984". The book refers to the Ministry of Truth - which is actually the ministry of lies - whose the mantra is "Freedom is Slavery". In fact the lie is the direct path to slavery. The All-Seeing Eye, in Orwell's book, is a flat screen that keeps everybody under surveillance. Man is not competent to act out of his own creative potential. When you first ask what the New World Order is all about, the image of an all-seeing eye, of an all-controlling eye, the eye of Big Brother, automatically comes to mind. It is quite remarkable how, following 9/11, so many measures have been taken so swiftly attacking the privacy of the individual, attacking in fact his freedom, with the individual hardly realizing how fast this process has unfolded. And all this under the common denominator of "your security". Another bit of sophistry regularly bandied around is that, if you have nothing to hide there is nothing to be afraid of. The logic underlying this seems to be: most  people lead humdrum lives; those having something to hide do not lead humdrum lives. Anyhow, the fact is that specious arguments are being used to psychologically beat the individual to a pulp.
Nowadays everybody is talking about transparency, the transparent man about whom everything can be known. In the meantime, millions of cameras have made their appearance everywhere. London is the best-guarded city in the world. Did this stop terrorist attacks? Absolutely not. America is witnessing the introduction of biometry as a tool of control, thanks to powerful companies specializing in this field, every one of which has links to the arms industry. These businesses are putting enormous pressure on Europe to adopt biometry as a means of pervasive passport control, airport surveillance, and data-base accessibility. When you read how many of these plans have already been activated, you cannot believe this is actually happening.
At this point we have to pause a while to ask ourselves: what is this New World Order? It is in fact an attempt to disrupt the harmony inherent in Creation and its own order, the implicit order as they used to call it, by making use of – may I say – demonic forces. The best way to succeed in this is to dehumanize man, to make him no longer a sentient human being. I already alluded to this in one of our earlier sessions by stating that the chip is the best means to that end. You must realize that the designers of the chip all started out with an ideal; they thought they could create something that would benefit humanity, like restoring defective neurons or improving hearing, until somebody like Carl Sanders discovered he was working for the CIA and its program of collective chip implantation into human beings. In this connection, we can return to a name I mentioned previously: Professor Jean-Pierre Petit, the astrophysicist. Professor Petit also found out that the objective of the New World Order is the dehumanization of human beings for the purpose of turning them into slaves, via chip implantation. What we are talking about here is a much-publicized device the size of a rice kernel. But this chip is a Mount Everest compared to the products of nanotechnology that uses a scale of a billionth of a meter. Everyone with a nodding acquaintance of nanotechnology knows that it is a revolution next to which inventions such as the computer, the internet, rocketry, the aircraft, the telephone or television, pale by comparison. Nanotechnology will impact all areas of our society. Scientists have already designed a nanochip. It is microscopically small and it is liquid. You can see before you a script for the dehumanization of man. All you need to do is ensure that the EU, for instance, enacts laws – containing plenty of fine print which usually nobody reads – making vaccination compulsory by pandemics. We are not talking about the harmful consequences of vaccination programs, the reality of which is being kept from us. Read Dr. Leonard Horowitz's competent study of the highly noxious effects of vaccination. In the event of a pandemic, the law will be used to compel people to get inoculated. Professor Petit, a highly respected scientist, is the one who says there are plans afoot to insert microscopically small nanochips into the vaccine to be injected into humans. You will not even know you have had this chip shot into your body. You eventually will, when your hormones and other bodily functions of yours are being studied via connections to GPS (Global Positioning System), to the Pentagon's Cray computers, to Brussels or elsewhere. All this is in my book …..

I: ….. and the outcome?

MM: And the outcome: you will no longer be your own master. Let us posit that the hormonal system is completely dependent on vibrations, energy, radio frequencies, etc., so, if you can influence these factors via a chip you then obtain a sort of automaton and you are on the way to robotizing humanity. There are enough scientists who dare to declare this openly. I am thinking of  Kevin Warwick, a controversial professor of cybernetics from England …..

I: The cyborg

MM: Yes, the cyborg. The Professor's name forms an interesting combination: war and wick. This gentleman has launched a big publicity campaign, supported by the major internet companies, aimed at popularizing man's transformation into a cyborg, a compound being, a product of engineering, of the computer and the chip, in combination with its human aspect. The idea we should become manageable creatures is in tune with current movies, video games, and so forth.

Project TIA
MM: At this juncture a project of the New World Order comes to my mind. The New World Order is the group that has adopted the pyramid and its all-seeing eye as a logo. This organization is attempting to make us into slaves. My thoughts automatically turn to the project called TIA. The initials stand for Total – a charged word – Information Awareness, a brainchild of Vice-Admiral John Pointdexter, a former top advisor of  President Reagan. The pyramid in question is a splendid structure about this high, with an all-seeing eye crowning its summit and the Latin-language adage, "Knowledge Is Power", encircling it. The project remains in existence and is being enthusiastically implemented. Its objective is total mastery over the human race throughout the planet, through the use of a wide variety of technologies, of which I mention frequently in my book. Observers estimate that Project TIA, which was developed within the Pentagon's research facilities, will be completed in two years by which time man will be brought fully under control through data banks, GPS, cameras, sensors, biometric passports, and dozens of other electronic surveillance devices that will come into play. And sooner than you suppose; this technology is just around the corner. I am thinking of companies that run facial scans, I am thinking of camera manufacturers who affirm – always using the pronouns "we" and "our" in their statements - their devices are capable, in traffic jams, of registering in detail any driver's features down to the finest wrinkle in his face and the slightest wiggle of his finger. State-of-the-art computers scan your entire countenance, showing whether you have a beard or sideburns or are clean-shaven; they record your biometric data on the basis of which you are declared under suspicion or not, guilty or not. A slight beard is considered suspect, as is vegetarianism, reading the Koran, and so forth. We have landed in a horrendously vitiated society that has become unhinged, a society about which every cell in my body tells me this whole business reeks of incipient fascism that will grow into totalitarianism, i.e., the totalitarian state. But there was in fact an outcry over TIA, protests by people objecting to the monstrous, all-seeing eye, and to the word "Total" because it evoked the German equivalent, as in "Der total Krieg" of the Hitler era which in turn conjured up unsavory images of the past. In the wake of all this, TIA was changed from Total Information Awareness to Terrorism Information Awareness. So now its ostensible target is the terrorists.
I have been trying to expose this network, for its efforts to dehumanize man are beyond belief. I continue to follow these programs. Lifelog, a spin-off of TIA and another activity about which virtually nobody knows, is concerned with collecting personal data world wide on items such as purchases via fidelity and credit cards, bank-account facts and figures, websites visited. The information thus surreptitiously gathered via the signals emitted by all these vehicles is fed into dozens of data banks manned by Echelon, an arm of the NSA, the National Security Agency the most secretive organization on earth employing some 60,000 whose sole job is to keep the world under surveillance. This body sucks in the electronic signals sent out by the various sources like a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the newest computers, every stroke on your PC keyboard will be immediately recorded without the intervention of the internet.
You see, Total/Terrorism Information Awareness and Lifelog, are programs whose purpose is to control every facet of our lives with the ultimate aim of introducing the nanochip into our bodies, while no doubt attempting to eliminate certain persons in the process. Jesus warns that, in the final cycle, we will hear of many wars, calamities and epidemics. We will witness terror – in the Greek text, the word phoibos meaning fear, anxiety but also terror, has been applied here. These are the instruments at the disposal of the forces launching the war on humanity, weapons designed to thwart the great leap. The New World Order, David Rockefeller once said, will emerge effortlessly when a major disaster occurs. In this connection, I am thinking also of David Spangler, a United Nations official, who told me: "Look, one thing is sure and that is, nobody is a member of the New World Order without having gone through a luciferian initiation." These are not my words; they are Spangler's. So on one hand we are facing the staggering problem of an all-seeing, all-controlling eye that seeks to bring this planet under the electromagnetic omnipotence of a negative force, and on the other the Love-Power gravitating toward us but essentially immanent in us. It is my conviction – otherwise I would have remained silent, let alone have written this book, or  lectured on the subject – that this battle can never be won by the forces that are trying to bring about our fall. Nevertheless, I have to point out in all sincerity that this conflict will engender a lot of suffering, a lot of grief, and numerous tragedies, if we do not wake up in a hurry. We must realize that Light is intelligence. Light is not a lifeless force that comes to us from the sun. We now know that. And I say "we", meaning the scientific community. You can check it out by scientific methods: Light is an intelligible force, an intelligent force. We may look upon it as an omnipresent, intelligent Love-Force. It even appears that there are forces of attraction between light particles that people nowadays call love, Love-Force, Love-Energy. You can imagine that those attempting to break this force will have to move unseen. The war is thus in part of an invisible nature. Man must be influenced at the non-material level. But Light is omnipresent and it is the foundation of the entire Cosmos. You must realize this through and through: it is the foundation of the entire Cosmos. In its natural state, light is free, it is not bound by form, it traverses it which is something different from being defined by it. It is the essence of Love-Energy. Resist it and you may bring down disaster on yourself and on others. In mythology this is described as opening Pandora's box; you want to be in control of the universe. However, the endgame is predictable: the universe will turn against you. When the Apocalypse says the whore of Babylon shall be "thrown down", you should know that the undercover name of The New World Order is the Babylonian Brotherhood, often represented as a dragon. This icon, the Dragon, the Fiery Dragon, is mirrored in the Apocalypse's "great red dragon". We also see it as a logo on electronic products, as a kind of Uroboros, a dragon-like creature coiled upon itself. This beast, as well as the Babylonian Brotherhood, will be defeated by the Love-Force – of itself a creator of harmony that will annihilate the entire edifice from within. This is not a matter of cosmic intervention, although it is not inconceivable that we shall receive support and aid from this quarter – and already have – but it is one of an immutable law that states that light working from within will eventually dispel darkness. Well, the Brotherhood knows this; that is why it will redouble its efforts to cause as much damage and as much suffering in the shortest possible time. I am sure if we all put our shoulders to the wheel, we can do it. Let us take as illustration Yale University's "Skull & Bones", one of the most important, exclusive, and most hermetically closed of all American college fraternities, to which a number of presidents of the United States have belonged. Anthony Sutton, a professor of economics who did research on "Skull & Bones", puts its total membership at some 3000. We are six billion. There are six billion of us on earth. If one billion, one-hundred-million, or even one million people – and I am referring here to Key's publication "The Hundredth Monkey" – put their shoulders to the wheel, we will have a tremendous thing going. I will tell you something that is quite unscientific, but then again man is never a 100% scientist, he is a blend of feelings, thoughts, he has a poetic side as well as philosophical, arrogant, uncomplicated sides. All these facets are stored within us and we must make use of wisdom to steer a middle course. But in my innermost self, I dare to say I am convinced we will receive enormous support and help from the world of Light. What is missing is the immovable will to come together. If this happened, if five people – think of the House of Rothschild and its coat of arms symbolizing the five sons of the founder as five arrows held in one hand as an emblem of unassailable unity – cherished a powerful idea, nothing could stop them. If five hundred are moved by love, if five thousand are moved by love, they are indestructible. And so we, mankind, are now facing the test: can we work together, can we work in harmony?
Are we going to stand up to them individually? Because that is what the powers-that-be want. Those fear-mongering laws being enacted in such great numbers and purporting to deal with the War on Terror – just listening to their spokespeople uttering this term in a quasi-roar tickles my funny bone at times – no longer have a human content; they are designed to instil fear in us by continuously conjuring up images of armed conflict, of alarm phases,  bombings, creating fresh incidents, through screening new audio-visual material. All these stratagems have the same objective the princes, kings and emperors of old had in their sights: divide and rule. And so we still stand on our individualism instead of forging cooperation, empathy, a potential for love. We do not want to fight them, our instinct moves us to say, our heart impels us to cry: "Come, my brother and my sister, abandon this madness, for it will eventually turn upon you and destroy you. It is Love that reigns, not fear, not hatred. Neither will darkness nor black magic prevail". Perhaps these forces will get the upper hand temporarily, and this might lead to a few truly arduous years, but we are the ones who can change this. And we can change this by moving beyond biological evolution, that is, by becoming for the first time the beings over which the ancient texts exult: "Even the angels shall rejoice that man is born." This is the juncture at which we have landed; this is what we are facing now. It is awesome.

Light In Light Art Thou
MM: The word "Christ" is one that has been extensively used and, arguably, misused. Various churches, institutions, movements have appropriated it in one way or another. Christ is for me the Light Force that shines upon the universe. Accounts of the creation often contain the words, "In the beginning there was Light", or "In the beginning was the Word". The Word is called Aum in India, the primal sound. John defines it as, "In the beginning was the Word", that preceded silence. The Word also implies that, when the key note/primal tone brings into being the Universe, there is Light forthwith. Thus when from the chaos, the un-seen, there emerges Nothingness, the Cosmos, there is instantly order, there is instantly Light. I would call the Christ the Light that shines intelligently throughout the whole Universe. Sometimes he is called the Son. Thus the Father represents Primal Energy, the Fundamental Power that makes manifest the Universe through Light, which is Christ. Christ is also called the "Son, or the Son of Man". But everyone of us is that Light, and thus also a Son, or a Daughter – this has nothing to do with gender but with being part of that Light. The Mother figure is often absent in religious traditions, she is often out of range. Thus you have the Father-Power, the prime/unmoved mover, the Creator. You have the Son-Power, Christ the Light, the manifestation of  the Creation; and you have the Mother who is sometimes called Sophia, or the Great Mother, Mater, matter. So matter is in fact Mother-Power. Lao-tzu expresses it as Tao: the primordial Father-Power manifesting itself thought the Mother-Of-A-Thousand-Things.

So there is Father, Son, Mother who is also called Holy Spirit. That last is a completely misapplied term that evokes a little white dove hovering above some head, but it is a lovely icon in itself as it symbolizes ubiquitous energy radiating throughout form. When we say "information", we are talking about in forma, so "in the form" as in "information". Which information? Light, intelligence, awareness, soul-power. Our creation is founded on Soul-Power, on the principle of Intelligence, on the principle of Light, and on the principle of Love, however difficult it is for us these days, to accept this. When the moment arrives at which we find ourselves on a quest for our own Holy Grail, or are overpowered by the Fallen Guardians and swept along, we will not be entirely free of complicity in our own downfall. We could always have, at any instant, called a halt to our cravings, desires and ambitions and said: "Enough is enough!". But the moment we step onto that treadmill, we lose every notion of who we were, who we are, why we are where we are. The Gnosis of old asked: Where do you come from? Where are you now? Where are you going?

This is not characteristic only of western Gnosis, or of the eastern variety; you will find this theme in 1001 stories, at times literally in the "1001 Nights". These burning questions are familiar to Indians, Aboriginals, Tibetans. You will encounter them in Buddhist writings, in the Koran. They are universal: Who are you? Why are you here and what is your purpose? Ancient stories uniformly tell you that you come from Light; you are a prince or a princess and you have forgotten why you are here, in the material world. This is a form of initiation: you are a Star-Child on a continuous journey. You are now here, being subjected to the heavy vibrations of matter and, for a time, you will be brought low by the Fallen Guardians. These may turn out to have had an assigned role to play, of which you could not get a comprehensive idea at the time of your trials. Imagine that what we now call evil or negative could actually be the driving force behind the leap we are about to take! We can never view the whole picture and so must avoid declaring: on one side stand my fiercest enemies, on the other nothing but paragons of rectitude. The two extremes are always interacting; within these extremes, you must find a way to steer a course between them. And the course to be steered is back to the Light. In Christian philosophy - and here I am not referring to a particular church or religious institution, but I am looking at it more from the standpoint of Gnosticism – light is central. This is called the Inner Christ. It means that within our body, literally within our heart, specifically the upper part of the right ventricle, there is an accumulation of Light-Energy. You might say the heart is a kind of sun chakra waiting for that explosion and implosion of Light in order to disseminate that Light throughout the body. The hormones play a major role in this: for example the thymus gland located behind the sternum, behind our radiator (?), which, when activated can convey light. If this process is obstructed by factors such as malnutrition, HAARP, or by electromagnetic cages, then the hormonal functions cannot be put to use in the service of the Light. The Christ-Principle, dwelling in the upper-right ventricle of our heart, sometimes called Bethlehem, the Inner Bethlehem – Hebrew Betel Lechem – refers to our body that, like a "House of Sustenance", is able to spread Light. And this is a whole process within our body having one objective: that is, our ability via a natural process of transformation for which our evolution has been intended, to transmute, our corporeal body through the Light-Principle - the Christ within us. Thus will we convert our physical body into a Vestment of Light, a Cloak of Light, or a Light-Body (Light-Bearing Body?). 

This theme can be found in countless folk tales. Think of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Red Riding Hood must endure traversing an animal hide, i.e., gross matter represented by the Wolf, in order to be reborn at a new level. Take Snow White, who must fall asleep and land in a – material – coffin, kibotos in Greek, a term for the body that slumbers in order to be  awakened by the Light-Principle, the inner Prince, through a kiss, so that she can resume her astral journey. We find this theme in the Middle East by the Mandeans, a Gnostic community from the Middle East. Its account features a prince and a princess on a journey through brute matter, losing their garments of light and finding themselves confined in a brutish dwelling. Having forgotten where they came from, they believe matter is everything, until – according to the Mandean writings – the call of the Father, the Primordial  Power, the Primordial Energy is heard through the Mother and a message is sent to mankind. The message: Arise! Awake! Know who you are! Now, this is also the theme informing the Parable of the Prodigal Son and the Prodigal Daughter. They have bidden farewell to the world of Light, land in the world of matter and are up to their ears in swine swill. Hieronymus Bosch (the famous fifteenth-century Netherlandish painter) has strikingly depicted this episode in one of his paintings. It shows the Prodigal Son wearing a slipper on one foot and a shoe on the other. The shoe indicates he wants to remain in the outside world and the slipper hints that, in reality, he wants to go home. The swine in the painting point out: you are so involved in gross matter that you no longer know who you are. Well, the greatest mystery, literally, – as the Gnostics once formulated it – is that, aside from factors such as DNA conditions, cloning – and I do mean cloning, not clowning - , and the activities of biological laboratories, man conceals within his body an ineffable secret. He conceals is in the upper right chamber of his heart. The Upanishads, specifically the Mundaka Upanishads, have pinpointed this site as the one where Brahman resides: in the cavity of your heart. When this energy is activated, an ethereal fluid (?) courses throughout our entire body whereby all hormonal processes will change, as will our awareness. The left and right halves of our brain will be fused – the site of this is named Golgotha, "The Place of the Skull", where the crucifixion of the left and right side of the brain will take place so that they may be integrated into the Awareness of Christ. And then what will rise from the grave – i.e., the old body -  will be the Man of Light. In Hermetic philosophy, this new being often carries a staff of Asclepius featuring two snakes, as your spinal canal contains the sympathetic nervous system consisting of two snake-like bands that connect with the sacral plexus, the sacrum or sacred bone as it is so poetically expressed, and, through these energies ascends to the Bridal Chamber in your brain, or thalamos in Greek. This thalamos/thalamus has a paramount function; it is not only closely involved in regulating heartbeat and body temperature, but it is from this organ that  - as the Cathars so tellingly put it - the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

You can read this in a Letter to the Corinthians. Paul was also an initiate. In it he says: "In the twinkling of an eye …. we shall be changed." Imagine the Herz count rises, the Photon Belt emits gigantic light bundles toward us, from the sun come solar eruptions of spiritual energies. And I am not talking about an astrophysicist's notion of light as solely material energy, for sunlight is also spiritual energy. The Hertz count rises, Photon Belt, power, light…. solar eruptions increase. Mankind leads a healthy life, makes attempt to adopt a  vegetarian diet, makes an effort to live a bit more consciously, tries to deal more reflectively with his feelings and emotions through entertaining fewer negative thoughts….. Then you can visualize a veritable sea change taking place in your body, a change so radical it then becomes clear that Christ, Buddha and numerous prophets and saints of all beliefs came to teach humanity that this was the fundamental purpose of your Being.

I would very much like to call it the Christ-Principle, one that is based on the macrocosmic Light: the Christ. Microcosmically, it resides in your heart, from which, through a certain process, the Robe of Light can come into existence. The Cathars called this Robe the "Stellar Garment", the Light-Regalia. The Cathars were known as tisseurs, i.e. weavers. When they became increasingly persecuted, they took refuge in the homes of weavers of cloth where they set out to instruct their hosts in the fashioning of the Light-Garment, drawing parallels with their trade. The Cathars once said that they would reappear after seven-hundred years. They did not just declare that the laurel would be green again, but a core group of their followers went further, clearly stating: We shall return. And the Gnosis shall return. The insights shall return. Mankind will know once again what knowledge is available for perfecting its biological evolution, for completing it, and thus use this knowledge in order to take the leap. Through this leap mankind will part company with the concept of Darwinian evolution – a tenet that, in my opinion, will come increasingly under fire in the not too distant future. And thus will men and women become thoroughly and entirely new beings. Take the caterpillar emerging from the larva and pupa stages to become a butterfly. Look at the caterpillar. Take a child or an adult who has never even seen a butterfly. Then show them one and tell them it came out of a caterpillar. It seems incredible. And so are we unable to believe what we are, while every cell in my own body knows and feels this is the true destiny. Counter forces are trying to undermine this development, as we will have reached in a single step a stage beyond their own evolution. They will then see themselves, wrongly so, as being reduced to an inferior position.  Wrongly so, because a being that has blossomed in love and light cannot operate hierarchically, cannot say, "My place is here and yours is there." Thus their pyramidal construction, which is founded on hierarchy, will then collapse. But they need not feel threatened. In fact this would be the very finest leap we could make.

In the present interview, I have set out several lines of thought. I have occasionally named names. However, it has never been my intent to offend anyone by mentioning these names. I have done this to illustrate how matters stand. But the best thing of all would be if we were able to set in motion the greatest revolution of all time by taking these counter forces in tow, through the potential of love, on our journey to the Light. This is what the ancient sages had already counselled. This can be accomplished only if you, yourself, live truly by and in the Light. There is no other way. Light attracts light and darkness attracts darkness. Light has the property to penetrate darkness, to reveal it from within. This is why the Gospel of John says: "The Light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not." The darkness does not yet realize what is actually happening, namely that the Light is busy dispelling the shadows and urging it, the darkness, to follow it. But in Creation, man/woman has the freedom to say "No". I wish that everybody would say "Yes" to the Light, as this is the greatest transformation facing us all. I  fear – and I use these two words with a touch of  irony – that this is going to be the greatest leap we shall ever, ever witness. This is the sort of fear I would gladly spread. It is the "fear" in quotation marks that you have a purpose, that you are a being of light and that you have a destiny. Then this "fear" will translate into Christ's words urging us to "fear not". When Christ says "Fear not" he means: Let go of your anxieties, be not afraid of anything. so when you say in everyday language, "I  fear that" …… well, this could be a gigantic leap! All the old fears, all the old anxieties, all the old terrors will be over. You will then know what your purpose is. You are going to have to shed your body in any event. Oh yes, we will all have to discard it at some time; whether within a couple of years or after 2012 – to take a cut-off point (which to me is not a hard-and-fast given). We will have to lose our body at one time. When you age, as your health fails; you must cast off your body. Then I would say: choose the way as soon as possible. Together with all other suffering beings, choose the way to the Light. As for the material body, it is of no importance; it will be transformed at any rate – it makes no difference. Just be concerned with what it is all about.

At this point, I would like to add just one more thing. And this is: What I have set out above is of enormous importance for the animal kingdom that has long suffered. It is of great importance that we precede it in this giant leap. If we as humanity are able to make this leap, so can the animal kingdom prepare itself at last for a metamorphosis in the next evolutionary wave. The energy in an animal, down to the smallest particle, is built out of the same potential: Light and Love. Only, in humans did Light and Love become reflective, inspired, in the sense that humans are in possession of means of expression that transcend the limits of matter. An animal has potential for this. Go one step back, to this mineral rock here beside me. It is endowed with the same energy, although not  of a reflective kind, but it is also a field of energy and a field of light: when you place your hand on it, and if you are responsive to it, you will feel this energy. This is in fact what it is all about.

Extra Scenes

Mind Control
MM: To come back to the pharmaceutical companies, you should analyze the game a bit, look into the driving forces behind them. You will find you keep running into the same names. These constitute powerful elites that pop up wherever you turn. From the pharmaceutical industry to the arms trade, you will encounter the same names. These people are what the Buddha referred to as "Petas", i.e., hungry spirits: they never have enough. They dream of acquiring millions; once they have them they want billions then trillions. There is no end to their craving for wealth. Peace comes from satisfaction: satisfaction with what you are, with what you have; it does not come from what you covet, what you want to add, grab, possess. Behind all these mighty concerns, whether they are into pharmaceuticals, weaponry, or the food-production chain, i.e., the food industry, – what an expression! – you will encounter the same clans that are attempting to put a stop to the awakening of mankind. Their tools? Unwholesome food, unhealthy ideas, to name a few. Take the media moguls and you will uncover the claws of those who have a hold on how and what we think. Examine how ideas enter our minds and you will see ongoing brainwashing aimed at bringing the awakening of man to a standstill.

I: Mind Control?

MM: Mind Control. It is nothing less than Mind Control. Just take a look at the media in the U.S. and at who calls the shots. You will come up with three or four names. This phenomenon can also be observed in the Netherlands, although media control there is not quite so heavy-handed and there are still some principled journalists writing in the name of the truth. But in large countries like Russia or the U.S., as well as in Europe, there is an increasing number of magnates busy acquiring greater and greater control of the media until it achieves total ownership. Mind Control!
But imagine that you are becoming aware of who you are, what you are and why you are here. The practitioners of Mind Control will then preach a materialistic evolutionary doctrine. They are going to teach mankind that it is descended from the ape and thereby infer that man has no purpose, no meaningful destiny. They are going to feed us a variety of astronomy featuring black holes, big bangs and great crunches, in a universe utterly devoid of a loving creative force. Or they might trot out the absurdist existentialism and pessimism of a Jean-Paul Sartre or the theories of the self-styled anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the same Proudhon who proclaimed loudly and clearly that God should be driven from his throne, for He is your greatest enemy.

But the divine is the true bedrock of your existence. It is your authentic being. Commit violence against it and you are fighting against yourself. The forces behind Mind Control are using ideas and even food and natural medicines to tighten their grip on us. As to natural medicines, you might know that legislation is in the offing that would prohibit their use in the near future. This legislation has been drafted under pressure from the big concerns, in conjunction with high-powered financiers with familiar names, that are out to hinder us from nourishing our bodies with natural food, from curing our ailments by natural means. As part of the game, a campaign of ridicule has been set in motion, featuring academics with medical or high-tech credentials making snide remarks about vegetarianism, naturally grown foods, and homeopathy. It is an assault on man's inner purity. We would never have to swallow pills, powders and tablets if we – as the Buddha expressed it – interacted with the Dharma of Life. We would then enjoy excellent health. Our mind, body and soul would be empowered. But those Fallen Guardians, who have grafted themselves onto Earth, have caused us to falter to such a degree that the only antidote is: WAKE UP! Become aware of the nature of the game and how the game is being played. For me it is not a question of an armed struggle. Never! I consider this approach totally reprehensible. I abhor it. If you want to see it in terms of a contest, then let it be one in which revelation and exposure are the weapons. Do not create the image of an enemy, rather unmask the opposition's method of operation unequivocally clearly. It is the only chance of forestalling a lot of suffering.

MM: Atlantis is a rather problematic issue. Not for me personally but for a lot of the scientific establishment, that not infrequently considers it something of a laughing matter. So when broaching the subject of Atlantis, I usually quote one of the most famous philosophers of all time, Plato, who described it in two of his Dialogues. This usually breaks the ice. In Atlantis, an incredible struggle seems to have taken place at some time, a struggle that has now resumed in a more intense form. Plato describes the inhabitants of Atlantis as being in a terminal phase (of degeneration?), one in which they thought themselves irresistibly beautiful when, in reality, they were at their ugliest not only in outward appearance but also, and especially, where it concerned their minds. Plato relates how the gods – called in the Bible the elohim, thus not God – took the decision to liquidate the entire Atlantean civilization. Plato, however, is not the only source of this account. There is extensive knowledge about Atlantis to be gathered from the Toltecs, the Mayas and other peoples. We will not talk about our own inner learning pertaining to this, here, as the subject remains for many scientists a first-class taboo. However, ancient sources can provide quite a lot of information. Not only are there accounts of the Flood to be found in virtually every culture, from the Indian to the Maya, from the Maya to the Aboriginal, and in writings from the Apocalypse to the Zend-Avesta in Iran, but there are also traditions everywhere relating to Atlantis. From these traditions, you can see  that the final battle in Atlantis confronted the forces of light with those of darkness. Today we would say the contest is between the Fallen Guardians who want to possess the Planet on one side, and the beings evolving toward the Light on the other.

And so a mega-scale engagement was fought in Atlantis. At that time, the elite possessed knowledge the masses did not. This knowledge has been rediscovered, so to speak. I am thinking of physicists like Nikola Tesla, who was acquainted with Einstein. Early in his career, Tesla made some wondrous discoveries in the field of electricity, electric power and telecommunications, and health care. Much of his work was ignored or suppressed by the industrial and financial establishments of the day, who saw Tesla's original work and inventions as threats to their own livelihood and by extension to their way of life. Should the general public find out about the possibility of free energy for all or of healing through Love, then there would be no profits to be made any longer. The pharmaceutical industry would become redundant. If the general public would start eating wholesome foods, what was going to happen with processed, let alone genetically modified, foods? To come back to Atlantis, the inhabitants had methods and technologies which later were revived and further developed in modern times by Tesla. Along the way – and few know this – he became the unwitting architect of HAARP, that colossal and satanic instrument of surveillance and control that now stands in Alaska.


I: I would like to come back to that HAARP you mentioned. What exactly is its function?

MM: I'm glad you're returning to that topic; I had almost forgotten about it. HAARP is perhaps the most diabolical weapon that has ever been deployed on this planet. A vast majority has never heard of HAARP, and those who have know virtually nothing about it, let alone that it was erected on the foundations of a technology developed by Tesla and a couple of other leading scientists. Its operations are located at Gakona, Alaska. The installation has been outfitted with 360 antennas which, when viewed on satellite photos, stand lined up in rows ….

I: Is it a (an electromagnetic?) field?

MM: It is a (an electromagnetic?) field. At one time, a convention governing the use of the ionosphere was signed by most countries except, indeed, the U.S. which also has never signed the Kyoto Protocol. The ionosphere plays a major role not only in determining weather but also in communications. So all radio waves that are needed for television, telephone and high-tech communications equipment for the armed forces, run through the ionosphere. The ionosphere is thus one of the most important layers of Earth's atmosphere. The antennas installed by HAARP emit waves whose intensity can reach ten billion megawatts. Incredible! These waves, known as ELF, or Extreme Low Frequencies, are projected onto the ionosphere. To the outside world, HAARP, the acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, is a scientific undertaking whose official purpose is to collect and study data on climate, the aurora or northern lights, atmospheric influences, etc.
But few realize that HAARP has a hidden agenda. If you examine the patents this organization holds and look into the background of its excellent publications, you will see what a diabolical instrument it actually is. It is one capable of convolving instantaneously the entire electromagnetic field of the earth, and of placing a whole country under a virtual bell. By the latter process, a country is selected and the ionosphere is then manipulated in such a way that it becomes simultaneously a reflector and a transmitter. By bombarding it with certain frequencies, a part of the ionosphere can be, as it were, sawn out then tilted in a given direction and made to serve as a kind of screen deflecting this bombardment onto a specific region, country or area.

I: Even on cities?

MM: Yes, even on cities!

I: And on a very small scale?

MM: Yes, on a scale so small that it even can affect the functioning of our spinal cord by applying certain frequencies to it. The waves thus emitted can reach their objective via the internet.

When you have Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, who are very close friends, extolling the virtues of the internet at a meeting of The World Economic Forum, at Davos, Switzerland, and backing a project, in collaboration with the World Bank, whereby everyone will have access to the internet - if necessary free of charge - then you can be sure there is an underlying scenario. And it is likely to be one whereby the internet, a satellite, or HAARP, can function as a conduit for a tone that is inaudible to the human ear.

One of the options open to HAARP is manipulating the functions of the spinal cord which we so badly need for the transformation our new birth is going to bring about. The spinal cord – sometimes called the Staff of Mercury, or the Staff of Hermes, or as in India the Staff of Bramadanda – resides in a canal through which the most rarefied(?) energies flow, energies which affect the hormonal system and affect - to use a word I do not frequently employ - the Chakras or Wheels of Light that nurture the development of awareness. From there, it is a small step for HAARP to achieving Mind Control. HAARP is then able to interfere with the electromagnetic field and within the solar system …..

I: What is it that a person experiences when this happens?

MM: Total disharmony: a phenomenon that has already been recorded as affecting the inhabitants of and around Gakona, who complain of depression, emotional disorders, loss of concentration and self-control. There has also been an enormous rise in cancer rates. As far as is known, HAARP has not yet directed its activities to Mind Control. But when it does, it can do it through very high-frequency (radio?) waves. And should this interference by HAARP become operational, it will bring us under its control. If you have been outfitted with a chip and HAARP beams certain frequencies onto that chip, then  HAARP could enslave those who are sensitive to these beams. Say you become aware that a chip has been implanted in your body, this consciousness ensures you can no longer be affected. May I call this state a certain level of awareness whereby, despite the presence of this chip in your system, you feel no longer vulnerable. In contrast – and no disrespect is intended here – the general public, which will not know how to deal with the situation, will find itself trapped in HAARP's diabolical web. So a person implanted with a chip, which according to Professor Petit attaches itself - virtually unnoticed - to a capillary, will make it possible for HAARP to manipulate the subject's behaviour through the nano-chip in his or her bloodstream. Professor Petit finds this prospect terrifying. Someone in this situation will experience confusion. This has been observed in animals. As for humans, a subject will lose control over his or her powers of reasoning and concentration, over the reliability of his or her sensory perceptions.  Something of a similar nature was tried during the Vietnam War, albeit without the agency of HAARP. In this instance, a so-called "Rambo Chip" was used which purported to increase "fighting spirit", while producing such side effects as increased sexual drive, along with a sense of loss of control, anxiety and loneliness. At the time of the Vietnam War, and long after, no mention was ever made of these disturbing phenomenons, in order not to frighten the public. I hope you understand I have no intention of frightening anyone. On the contrary. My point is, we must be aware of all this. Governments must ask questions. Governments must call for investigations. We must talk to Americans.

How can we act? By demanding access to official documents, despite the fact that those who have followed this course in the past have met with enormous opposition, not to say obstruction, and in some cases with threats to their professional and private lives. All this points to a key question: What are they – the powers that be - trying to hide?
And this brings me to a book written by Ms Patricia Cori exposing all the lies mankind has been fed. Only a few have read it. The book moves in the realm of the esoteric. Esotericism, if practised with integrity, is perfectly bona fide. I feel Ms Cori's work reflects this. She points out - in my opinion her arguments are supported by scientific data – how these instruments of manipulation of human behavior threaten the whole evolution of mankind. From the perspective of the higher Light World, she, too, appeals to mankind to act against them. Mankind, Ms Cori warns us, has only a few years in which to do this. Nonetheless she urges: "Arise, you can do it!" -  and she uses the pronoun "you" in the second person plural. This makes me feel that she is in some way an "outsider", someone with another perspective.

I also feel "We can do it, we can do it!" It is a matter of mobilizing support, building up trust,
asking questions in the face of the looming echo of 9/11 and its scheme of global control. For this is what it is all about. We must sound out the authorities, starting with City Hall, demanding answers to: Why must my passport carry a chip? What is the iris scan for? Why are you doing this? Whose instructions are you following? What is really being done with all this data? Do not undertake this alone but do it ten at a time, and in a rational and non-confrontational manner, without arrogance but with friendly and unrelenting persistence. In this way, we can light up the edifice from within.

The All-Seeing Eye of which Tolkien, in his book, so brilliantly gave us a prescient foretaste ….

I: In The Lord of the Rings ….

MM: In The Lord Of The Rings. In the film version, you see this all-controlling eye, perched on a pillar atop Mount Weather, beaming all over the world. Tolkien was an initiate; he knew. And his motive for writing this story was to warn mankind of the approaching disaster. We are the Hobbit, albeit not literally. If we muster our courage, unite and rouse the Gandalf in ourselves, then we cannot lose this battle. And we must put up a fight as the alternative is not very inviting. So let's get it and ourselves together!

I: How can we, as human beings, do something about it?

MM: I have indicated some ways in my book. One of these is meditation. You can practise it on a weekly or daily basis, whatever works best for you. You do not have to assume the Lotus or Buddha position; find the position that fit your needs, whether you assume it out of doors  or under a tree, or in a chair. Try to find a moment to spend in stillness. I describe in the book how in a number of countries, already several thousands are practising the Light-Love Meditation. Around seven in the morning (?) on Sundays and Wednesdays, they pause, singly or in groups, for the breathing exercise of the Light-Love Meditation. While inhaling to the rhythm of Light-Love, you utter soundlessly and with absolute concentration the word "Light", focussing totally on "I am now inhaling". And while you inhale from the depth of your abdominal cavity you inwardly utter "Light". This signifies that, within that field of energy the people of the East call Prana, you can literally feel that stream of light coursing  through your body. You may close your eyes – nothing is compulsory, you are free to do so or not. But if you will close your eyes and consciously breathe in from the depth of your abdomen, say the word "Light" while you do so. Then exhale from the depth of your abdomen and, while doing that, utter the word "Love". You can do this for five or ten minutes. I always say; try it if you want, join in. Don't feel obligated to do so, don't make it an article of faith. But if you do join in, you will then sense that you have become part of a field of energy, a field that is not exclusive, that does not imply "We belong here and they don't"; it is a field in which you feel that you are at one with others, and that you are achieving this through Light-Love breathing exercises. That is your sustenance, together with your diet, your ideas, your emotions. Try to keep your emotions in balance. By this I do not mean neutrality in the sense of ……

I: Indifference? Apathy?

MM: That is absolutely not the idea. Many so-called spiritual people will deny anger while their hands are itching to lash out, or will choke on a curse word rather than speak it. This is nonsense. If provoked anger suddenly takes a hold of you, then you are authentically angry. But you become increasingly aware of what is taking place within you. You become more of a detached observer, and thus you are not going to question whether these emotions are good or evil. Emotions can sometimes get the better of all individuals. Those who say this does not apply to them are being less than candid; it happens to all of us. But you are able to monitor your emotions more and more, whereby their expression will follow a calmer course. You will experience a certain harmony taking possession of you. This goes hand in hand with sound nutrition and also with a strong desire to transcend, let us say, day-to-day  evolution. Yes, of course, desire will still have to be stamped out, but first there will have to be something that pulls you along, that focuses you on "What is the purpose of my life?", "What is the reason for my existence?" We are able to perceive that our luminous body/light body  together with our divine potential can reach beyond time and space, can transcend death. For you can rise above death. You do not need to undertake lab experiments for this. You know instinctively what your purpose is, and you concentrate all your attention on that. I once told a story about an individual standing before a Porsche garage, dreaming of owning a certain red-colored model of that famous brand, focussing all his hopes and aspirations on this one car. As he stands there, his life is snuffed out by a heart attack. He dies with the red Porsche as his last mental image. When you direct all your thoughts to "Who am I?", "What am I?" "What is my potential?" and make answering these questions your life's work, then when you die – suddenly or otherwise – your last thought will accompany you as a source of strength. You will reap what you sow. If you have been sowing red Porsches all your life, then that is what you will reap; this is what life will bestow on you. But when you ask yourself, "Is this all there is? Red Porsches?", and in response channel all your energies into knowing what you are, into being more conscious of what you eat, of your thought process, into trying to practise virtues like selflessness, patience, consideration for others, you will have your hands full enough with that.

I: Are these the Rules for Living?

MM: Our Rules for Living. They originate and are laid down by us through our own inner strength, not by the writings of churches or religious institutions. You determine yourself what you can, what you want, in full awareness. You will take a step forward, but on the other hand you may stumble in which case don't make a problem of it. Those who claim never to have stumbled are not being truthful. So pull yourself together and move on. You will then notice a transformation taking place.


Bussum, November 2007/Bussum, October 2008